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Competition Information

December competition Prize - end date December 31st

Red Dwarf mug

What's my Fruit?

This competition is a play on the series 4 episode Camille, in which while Lister is trying to get Kryten to lie, Kryten just could not lie in front of the Cat. Being oblivious to what Lister was trying to do at first, The Cat responded to Kryten test by saying that he should audition for 'What's my Fruit?'. But of course, you all knew that anyway... didn't you.


The competition is open to anyone in the world. All you have to do is sign up and participate. You will only be able to answer each question once, and you cannot change your answer, the first one is the only one accepted (so again, you can only answer each once), so think carefully before answering.

Personal Details

If you forget you password at any point, fill in the username and e-mail in the forgot password section and press submit. An e-mail will be sent within 24 hours.

You also have the facility to input you home address and telephone number. You can choose to do this if you like, although if you do happen to win, it would be quicker to send the prize straight to the address given instead of having to contact the winner via email and have a few e-mails bouncing back and fourth. So your choice really.

updating your details is done via the 'settings' link in the details section.


The winners are chosen at random. Each person is assigned an ID number during registration, and those that take part in a competition have their ID placed into a 'hat' (although I call it a hat, it is in fact a random number generator array), and one number is chosen at random. If you are lucky enough to win, then a few little extras will come to light in the members area. Good luck to you all.


I probably should include this.
1. Registering for the competition does not mean that you are guaranteed to win it, obviously.
2. Your personal details will not be shared with 3rd parties.
3. Although prizes will be sent in good packaging. I do not take responsibility for any damage caused by the postal service, this also includes loss. Due to the limited supply of prizes (i.e. most trading cards are one of a kind and can not be replaced), replacements are not able to be sent, therefore each prize is sent via recorded delivery. i.e. a signature is required on delivery. Note: recorded delivery may not require a signature in countries outside the UK.
4. It is your responsibility to supply the correct details, obviously.... it's a no brainier really if you want to receive the prize.
5. The competition will usually start during the evening of the last day of the month before, and end the evening on the last day. (i,e Competition 1 = Dec 1st - Dec 31st, Competition 2 = Dec 31st - Jan 31st). If you happen to miss a competition, that is your fault, not mine :P
6. The new competition will start as soon as the current one ends. There is no time delay,
7. I do reserve the right to change the dates of the competitions, as unforeseen circumstances dictate. If time allows, a mail shot will be sent out to those that have opted into the newsletter.
8. Entry into the competition means that you agree to everything here, and there will be no surprises etc.