Larry's Red Dwarf Homepage X - The Movie

Update: 23/07/2011

The movie is of course deader than a dodo and inline flares with pockets in the knees. The official site does have a 'Making of Section', but that is from 2003. Still it is worth a look. Back to Earth was good, and a few more series are going to be done because of it, but for now don't expect anything movie related whatsoever.

Update: 18/03/2009

Not so much a movie update, but of course for all those interested, there is a new special titled; Red Dwarf: Back to Earth. Set 9 years after series 8, the crew are indeed that little bit older. Kochanski is dead and Holly is down... due to Lister leaving a bathroom tap on for 9 years and eventually the ceiling collapsed. I guess we can all still hope that a movie is released, but for now Back to Earth is a great start.

Update: 30/09/2007

While getting a few items signed at Norman's Slide show at 'The Other Side' in York, I of course brought up the question about the Red Dwarf Movie and if he has any other information as to why it is not happening... other than the funding issue. He gladly answered (to which I give my thanks as I'm sure he gets asked all the time) that there is quite a lot of ego as to who should actually produce it which just does not help with the matter really. Norman also told me that he's just getting on with it, if it happens it happens and if it doesn't, it doesn't... and he does not think it will happen. Norman then also apologised for not being able to help me, which was nice as I was only asking for a reason that wasn't fund related, and he gave me a good reason.

It is a real shame then that the movie is not going to get the go ahead anytime soon, maybe not at all. Even the producers of Farscape who had the series cancelled gave the fans two special episodes to finish the show off... so if only.